I had previously purchased the R2800 engine from Rotec Aerosports of Australia.  Paul Chernikeff is the owner/president of the company.  He ships an R2800 and R3500 to Oshkosh each year and sells them as an Air Show Special.  I had a nice visit with Paul, and per earlier agreement, I loaded up the engine on the last day of AirVenture 2017, and brought it back home to Texas.  It is giving me a lot of inspiration to move ahead with the Pietenpol.

I was at the EAA Airventure 2017 from July 24 – 30, 2017.   While there, I got to admire and then take home to Texas my R2800 Rotec engine.

Rotec Aerosports manufactures the R2800 engine (110 horsepower) and its bigger brother, the R3500 (150 horsepower) in Australia.  The engine is not a “certificated” engine as in a Lycoming or Continental, but it is an honest to goodness aircraft engine aimed at the Experimental – Amateur Built market.  Rotec has been manufacturing the engines for about 20 years and Paul Chernikeef of Rotec indicates that they easily have a TBO of 1000 hours with many already with 1500 hours with no issues.

I had no interest in rebuilding a Corvair engine or doing the Bernard Pietenpol original of a Ford Model T engine, and instead, wanted a new aircraft engine that would bolt on the Piet and have way plenty of power.  The original Ford engines produced about 60 horsepower I believe, and I understand the Corvair engines come out at around 100 horsepower.  So I have an aircraft engine with plenty of power, with a starter,  a TBI carb,  dual magnetos, and a fuel pump.  I should be safe when I get to flying.

Hours 4.0