I spent a lot of time thinking about the power tools I would need to build the Pietenpol.  Over a few months time I collected several.  They all work well.

I spent 2-3 months thinking, looking, purchasing power tools that I would need for the Pietenpol.  A list follows:

RIKON wood planer.  My favorite tool really.  When a board is too thick, just run it through the planer.  With a little experience you can get the desired thickness down to within 0.03″, or 1/32″.

RIKON wood lathe.  I have not used it much yet, but it will come in handy at some point.  Think joystick.

RIKON wood band saw.  I have used this a lot already.  For the plywood gussets and trailing edge wedge.  Works very well after you learn how to tune it up.

RYOBI drill press.  I have owned this press for about 5 years.  The original chuck tolerance was poor so I put in a new 1/2″ chuck.  Works pretty well now.

Bench Grinder:  I have had the grinder for years.  Still spins up and does the job.

Klutch metal cutting band saw.  I bought this at Northern Tool.  It worked well for cutting the square aluminum tubing square into two pieces.

Klutch metal cutting chop saw.  Amazing that a carbide tipped blade can cut through metal.  Like it was butter.  Definitely better than a hack saw.

RIDGID table saw.  I have had the saw for 7 years.  I tuned it up before I got busy on the Piet.  Cutting straight with no binding or kick back now.

RIDGID shop vac with the “Dust Deputy”.   Looks like a Rube Goldberg contraption, but it works well.  It keeps the dust from collecting in the vac and clogging up the vac filter.  The Dust Deputy creates a vortex or swirling action and the dust falls into the five gallon bucket.  Empty the bucket, but not the vac.  Keeps the vac filter clean.  I like and use it all the time.  Move it from one station to another.

RIKON oscillation sander.  It worked great on smoothing out the wood forms I made for pressing the steamed cap strips.

RIKON Disk and Belt Sander.  I have used this a lot already.  Used for finishing up the trailing edge wedges and much more.  I go to it a lot.  Closest machine to my work table.

WOODPECKERS Router Table.  Expensive, but worth it.  You can rout a piece of wood down to the nearest 0.001″.  Incredible.  I will use it to trim rout the excess gusset material off the ribs.

WOODPECKERS Squares and Straight Edges:  Sometimes it just takes a lesson learned to make you spend some money.  I had a try square from Harbor Freight.  I was using it to square up my table saw.  To make sure the blade was perpendicular to the table.  I would make a cut, but it would not be square on all 4 sides of a 4 x 4.  It took a lot of time to figure out the problem.  Used another square and got better results.  Then I ordered the Woodpecker squares and straight edges.  I re-checked the table saw with the Woodpecker square and got even better results.  Harbor Freight went in the recycling bin.

Hours 40.0, lots of time going, looking, and purchasing.