August 1-5, 2017:  Bill and I worked on cutting up the webs for the ribs.  The Dremell Tool with the wood cutting wheel works great with the jig I designed.  Simply move the position board to the appropriate angle, peg it, and start cutting.  Bill kicked out a 100 or so pieces in an hour.  

I worked up a jig to cut the “wedges” that are at the end of the ribs.  

We also ripped the 1/16″ plywood down into 1 1/4″ wide x 12 1/2″ long strips to be further cut into 2″ lengths for the gusset plates.

The 12 1/2″ strips were bundled together and tapes. I made a jig with a guide on the bottom to fit in the miter track of the band saw.  It kept the cuts nice and square.

I also made a jig to cut the little wedges at the trailing edge of the ribs.  Set it up to work on the band saw and I zipped them out in about 30 minutes.

The stamp on the plywood indicates that it is aircraft quality.

HOURS  8.0