About Us

Short Bio  – Timothy John Falkofske, P.E.:

I am a structural engineer by profession.  I own Falkofske Engineering, Inc. in Arlington, Texas.  It is a firm of about 15 individuals.  Our firm does a significant amount of retaining wall (mainly gravity type, masonry stone walls), residential foundation and framing design, small commercial projects, and some forensic engineering.

I am a registered professional engineer in 24 states and the District of Columbia.

The company website is www.falkofske.com, in case you need some engineering assistance.

I grew up in Wisconsin on a dairy farm, went to undergrad school at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville, spent my formative engineering years in Denver, Colorado, moved to Texas in 1982, and started Falkofske Engineering, Inc. in 1987.

I have been dreaming about building an airplane for 35 years.  I got started on a “Chubby Cubby” about 30 years ago, but had to stop when I married (1982), started a family, and started a business (1987).  I am 65 now, the kids are out of college, mortgage paid off, and I now have time to work on my dream.

I chose the Pietenpol Air Camper because I like working with wood and fabric, and it is relatively inexpensive.  I bought the wood from Aircraft Wood and Specialty Company in April, 2017, and got started on the project.

I am going to the EAA AirAdventure 2017 and to the Brodhead, Wisconsin Pietenpol fly in 2017.  I hope to get acquainted with other folks who have already built their Pietenpols and pick up on construction tips.  I will also be bringing back from AirVenture a Rotec R2800 engine.  I is a 120 horsepower, radial engine manufactured in Australia.

I have to say that there are other web sites out there that have been incredibly helpful in getting started.  If you are interested in building a Pietenpol, or any other wood and fabric airplane, I suggest www.mypiet.com and http://www.mykitlog.com/k5yac.

This website is a work in progress.  I will be adding to it as I construct the airplane.  It is meant for family, friends, and others who are interested in airplanes or in building an airplane.  The other reason for the site is that it will show that I built more than 50% of the plane myself, which is a requirement of FAA to get the plane certificated at the end of construction.


Timothy Falkofske